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Louise Wright

Artist, Print Maker
Member for: 8 years 3 days

Hannah Wroe

Half scale reproduction of Jacques Hiem dress 1958
Member for: 7 years 12 months

Lizzy Wynne

Faith, Hope, Love Cushion:Drift Wood Heart Frame:Flower Cushion
Member for: 7 years 12 months

Jonathan Yarwood

Member for: 3 years 3 weeks

Ling Xin Yong

Member for: 2 years 2 weeks

dave young

Photographer, other
Member for: 2 years 3 weeks

Joel Young

Member for: 6 years 12 months

Peter Zabulis

Water Abstract by Peter Zabulis:Alone by Peter Zabulis:Autumn Colours by Peter Zabulis
Member for: 8 years 4 days

Polly Zadik

Crafter, Print Maker, Textile Artist
Pauline Plug's logo and makeup bag:Pauline Plug's (aerial view of a parrot, block print):Pauline Plug's rubber block carvings
Member for: 5 years 3 weeks

Zoe Zegzula

Textile Artist
Member for: 3 years 2 weeks