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Sally Whitrow

Artist, Mixed Media Artist
Member for: 5 years 1 month

Colin Wignall

Member for: 4 years 1 month

Peter Wilkes

Artist, Painter
Member for: 4 years 3 weeks

Lucy Wilkins

Lucellen Homemade Dresses for Girls:Lucellen Tote Bag:Lucellen Personalised Bunting
Member for: 6 years 2 weeks

Christina Williams

Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Print Maker
 Screen Print Image by Christina Williams:Screen Print Image by Christina Williams:Enamaled Mug and Coaster by Christina Williams
Member for: 6 years 4 weeks

Elaine Williams

Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Print Maker
Lined landscape, oil and hand stitching on canvas.:Tenderness, acrylic on card.:Stitched alliums, paint crystals and machine stitching on paper.
Member for: 1 month 4 weeks

Emma Williams

Member for: 6 years 1 month

Suzi Williams

Artist, Crafter, other
Spot artworks, Rock Villa Designs, contemporary art:Rock Villa Designs, Retro apple print, Collaged artwork:Rock Villa Designs, Matryoshka Doll, Laser-cut
Member for: 6 years 4 weeks

Adam Willis

Artist, Digital Media Artist, Painter
black eye boy:origami girl:ascent
Member for: 1 month 2 weeks

Ruth Wiseman

Silver shield earrings:Chrysacholla set in silver with gold.:Keum Boo pendant
Member for: 2 years 2 months

Pauline Witham

Member for: 6 years 3 weeks

Lauren Wolf

Member for: 1 month 3 weeks