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Katja Abel

Member for: 9 years 6 months

Nigel Addison

Member for: 9 years 5 months

Catherine Adlington

Textile Artist
Silk bags:Day bags:Cosmetic bags
Member for: 7 years 5 months

Mahmood Ahmed

Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Photographer, Sculptor
Mix media art, :Collage art:mix media art
Member for: 8 years 6 months

Rachel Ainley

Textile Artist, other
Vintage fabric and haberdashery necklace using traditional techniques of applique and embroidery:Recycled picnic blanket cushion with applique vintage fabric bird detail:Vintage fabric and bead necklaces
Member for: 9 years 5 months

Sheila & Titus Ako & Glavee

Textile Artist, other
cupcake soap:Bespoke Kids clothing:Bespoke Kids Clothing
Member for: 7 years 5 months

Clare Alderson

Crafter, Mixed Media Artist, Textile Artist, other
Member for: 8 years 1 month

Laura B Alvarez

Artist, Painter
Member for: 2 years 6 months


Artist, Painter
Acrylic on Canvas:Acrylic/mixed media on Canvas:Acrylic/mixed media on Canvas
Member for: 5 years 5 months

Kit Anderson

Ceramist, Photographer
Slipcast Ceramic with Gum bichromate photography:Handbuilt  Ceramic with Gum bichromate photography:Slipcast Ceramic with Gum bichromate photography
Member for: 9 years 5 months

Toby Anderton

Artist, Digital Media Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Photographer
Toby Anderton MAN OF STEEL digital painting:Toby Anderton YEAR Of The MONKEY digital painting & design:Toby Anderton The Beekeeper editorial Illustration
Member for: 6 years 5 months