Remarkable Recycling Gala


Remarkable Recycling Gala will be on Sunday 26th June 2016, 11am-4pm at Sherwood Community Centre.  

Find out more about the Recycling Gala on it's own separate website:

Charley Benjamin
Indian Agate Sterling Silver Handmade Tribal Earrings in Blue and Orange Sodalite & Howlite long necklace using upcycled beads by Decadent Dragonfly hand hammered chrysocolla and copper extra long paddle earrings
Jenny Billings Decadent Dragonfly
Crafter, Textile Artist
Timeless small hearts pendants in red, purple, pink, green, blue and black Timeless large round pendant with bee, mushroom, flowers and cogs Timeless zentangle of live oak tree with dangling Spanish moss
Nikki England Timeless Curiosity
Artist, Crafter
Flames Ukrainian memory Geometry
Oksana Holbrook Oksana Originals
Textile Artist
Freeform crochet tree Freeform Crochet Tree Goddess Crocheted Oak Leaf and Acorn Keyring
Nicola Kelsall
Artist, Crafter, other
Peacock print Green Rabbit Pink Flamingo
Melanie Kirbyshire
Artist, Ceramist, Print Maker
Necklace made from green and white beach pottery resting on green sea glass and driftwood 3 greetings cards made with seaside photos Tree made from pieces of driftwood against a green background
Heather Montgomery Sea Breeze
Sue Pearson 'Kind Art' by Sue Pearson
Mixed Media Artist
photograph, seed heads handmade books Altered Book
Claire Simpson
Artist, Crafter, Mixed Media Artist, Photographer, Print Maker
Playworks Logo
Ellen Smith Playworks
Copper and Stainless Steel Rap Rings (adjustable) Urbanesque Copper Scarf Necklaces URBANESQUE JEWELLERY - Paperclips Necklaces
Beverley Sterling bevsterlingceramicsandgraphics
Artist, Digital Media Artist, other
a peaky blinder inspired type of person metal, donnington ticket, found materials, upcycled walker, found materials, upcycled
Jackie Ward TreeHuggery
Mixed Media Artist
Wood, book and paint collage Elizabeth Bennet at the piano Write Your Own Destiny framed hot foil print with vintage nib Bookmark library humour
Charlotte White The Forgotten Library
Crafter, Mixed Media Artist
 Screen Print Image by Christina Williams Small original Images on board or canvas by Christina Williams Small original Images on board or canvas by Christina Williams
Christina Williams
Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Print Maker