Exhibition - St John's Church (Carrington)






Beautiful, unique, colourful glass vases Beautiful handmade glass pendants Beautiful, colourful seascape, vegan cushion
Maria Badshamiah Maria Badshamiah artist
Artist, Crafter, Digital Media Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, other
Tools of the trade Mindfullflowers activism
Janet Brown Janet Brown Art
Artist, Mixed Media Artist
Natasha East Sherwood Young Artists
Origami, Chinese Dragon, Installation Origami, Photogaphy Stained Glass
Kayrakise Evans
Artist, Crafter, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Photographer
Dawn Feeney Jewellery Dawn Feeney Jewellery Dawn Feeney Jewellery
Dawn Feeney Dawn Feeney Jewellery
Connor Floyd Andrews
Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Photographer, Print Maker
Kim Gardner Guarden
Artist, other
Phoebe Gowen
View from the top of Wellington Rock in Chatsworth.  Front view of Wellington Rock in Chatsworth.  Tree covered with ivy in Matlock.
Amelia Howard
Cathy Mahmood
Artist, Painter
Jacinta O'Hara
Freehand Machine Embroidery, Fox Strawberries and flowers, freehand machine embroidery, Natalie Randall Snail embroidery, multicoloured snail shell, African snail, freehand machine embroidery, Natalie Randall
Natalie Randall Natalie Randall Textile Artist
Textile Artist
Jessica Smith
Artist, Painter, Print Maker
Gina Stalley Ceramics  
Gina Stalley Gina Stalley
Artist, Ceramist
Helen Sturtivant
Carri Swann
Beside the Roundhouse, Sennen Cove, Cornwall Ennys from Pendeen Watch, Cornwall 
Alan Wallis
Elaine West
Grass Seedheads - Sarah Woolf Photography and Art Grass Seedheads Print - Sarah Woolf Photography and Art Meadow - Sarah Woolf Photography and Art
Sarah Woolf Sarah Woolf Photography and Art
Artist, Photographer
Lynne Wootton