Art in Shops


Once again Sherwood shops and businesses have lent us their windows to create a high street gallery of local art and talent lasting the entire week of SAW2018.

Art and Architecture Walk: Monday 18th June, 7pm, free event, book your place here. 



Acrylic on Canvas Acrylic/mixed media on Canvas Acrylic/mixed media on Canvas
Artist, Painter
Slipcast Ceramic with Gum bichromate photography Handbuilt  Ceramic with Gum bichromate photography Slipcast Ceramic with Gum bichromate photography
Kit Anderson
Ceramist, Photographer
Toby Anderton MAN OF STEEL digital painting Toby Anderton YEAR Of The MONKEY digital painting & design Toby Anderton The Beekeeper editorial Illustration
Toby Anderton Blank Atlas
Artist, Digital Media Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Photographer
Beautiful, unique, colourful glass vases Beautiful handmade glass pendants Beautiful, colourful seascape, vegan cushion
Maria Badshamiah Maria Badshamiah artist
Artist, Crafter, Digital Media Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, other
Mandy Barnes
Textile Artist
Butterfly Creative Digital Print England Footballers Typography Digital Art Print Red Phonebox Photography
Eyon Barnes
Digital Media Artist, Photographer
Willow log basket made in Sherwood Willow Pig Hen Basket
Chris Baxter Chris Baxter's Baskets
Artist, Sculptor, other
Embroidered Wall Decoration Hand stitched Lavender Bags by Shirley Rainbow Hand stitched felt badges
Teresa Bettelley
Crafter, Textile Artist
Planters plant pots ceramic stripy various sizes sm planter with plant blue/black white spots large small planters stripes blue/black & white
Sandy Bywater Sandy Bywater Ceramics
Delphiniums (mixed media with oil on canvas) Whitby West Cliff Beach 2 (oil on canvas) Butterfly 4 (acrylic on canvas)
Beth Choo Beth's Creative Arts
Artist, Painter
In August 2014, I took the opportunity to paint in my son’s Buckinghamshire apple orchard. I enjoyed the experience being connected directly to nature, the changing sky, and the smell apples and summer. Lazy boats on a warm sea. Ballet dancer "landing a shape"
Jeannie Clark Artist/Printmaker/lecturer
Artist, Print Maker
Unglazed mosaic tiles arranged in a Roman knot pattern Blue Mosaic pieces on coconut shell Slate pieces used to create a landscape
Barbara Coulson Mosaic Class
Aleksandra Dubiel Katana Banana Designs
Natasha East Christ The King Catholic Voluntary Academy
Natasha East
Timeless small hearts pendants in red, purple, pink, green, blue and black Timeless large round pendant with bee, mushroom, flowers and cogs Timeless zentangle of live oak tree with dangling Spanish moss
Nikki England Timeless Curiosity
Artist, Crafter
Origami, Chinese Dragon, Installation Origami, Photogaphy Stained Glass
Kayrakise Evans
Artist, Crafter, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Photographer
Dawn Feeney Jewellery Dawn Feeney Jewellery Dawn Feeney Jewellery
Dawn Feeney Dawn Feeney Jewellery
Positivi -TEA mug - Faye Finney Vegetarian Sausages - Faye Finney Girl Boss Badge/Mirror/keyring/magnet - Faye Finney
Faye Finney Faye Finney Illustration
Digital Media Artist
Beach Huts, handmade glass beach huts mounted on wood Jewellery, glass earrings on silver hooks Glass hangings safe to hang inside or outside
Anna French
Machine embroidered flowers, some hand stitching, frame 23cm x 23cm Machine embroidered flowers, some hand stitching, frame 23cm x 23cm Machine embroidered flowers, some hand stitching, frame 23cm x 23cm
Donna Griffiths N/A
Textile Artist
Mini suitcase waiting to be repurposed Suitcase repurposed as a dog bed and feeding platform 50s, 60s and 70s mini memorabilia
Beryl Hales
Artist, other
Rainbows Flower brooch Sketchbooks
Kelly Hill Three Little Pickles
A cushion with a picture of a badger on it.  Five hot water bottle covers with pictures of otters on them Three pincushions made in eggcups shaped like a rabbit, an elephant and a bird
Katherine Hill
Crafter, Textile Artist
Tim Hills Hills of nottingham
Artist, Ceramist, Photographer
Stitch Studio hanging decorations Stitch Studio cute felt animals Stitch Studio floral brooches
Kirsteen Hoare
Crafter, Textile Artist
Flames Ukrainian memory Geometry
Oksana Holbrook Oksana Originals
Textile Artist
Agate Bowl in Sunlight White Earthenware Platter Cosmos Mug
Liam James Liam James Ceramics
Artist, Ceramist, Crafter, other
Richard Johnson
Artist, Painter, other
Silk pained parasol Cherry blossom Silk painted fans Silk painted banner
Jessica Kemp
Textile Artist
surface pattern, notebook, floral Leopard Print, Bead, Necklace Cushion, abstract, modern
Helen Lamont
Digital Media Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Textile Artist
Kelly Malone
Artist, Painter
Warped Convergences The Myriad Things Abstract #5
Harry Martin
Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter
Times take its toll - Andrew J McEwan Reflection of the past - Andrew J McEwan Doors of perception - Andrew J McEwan
Andrew McEwan
Artist, Photographer
Selina Mosinski Dolly Loves Dallas
Twisting Silver nail bangle Twisting Silver pendant Twisting Silver pendant
Christine Oakley Twisting Silver
Artist, Sculptor, other
Laura Patterson Photography - Queen and Adam Lambert Laura Patterson Photography - Olly Murs Laura Patterson Photography - Brett Anderson
Laura Patterson Laura Patterson Photography
#Bee  #Cushion #blanket #freemachineembroidery #owl  #decorations #freemachineembroidery #bird  #lavenderbird #decoration #freemachineembroidery
Katie Pinkney Molly's Mum
Textile Artist
Bobbin Lace Cuff Links - Red with Black Handmade Lace Pink Bobbin Lace Heart Necklace  Bobbin Lace Pictograms
Suzanne Plamping SP Creative Crafts
Textile Artist, other
Amy Primarolo
Freehand Machine Embroidery, Fox Strawberries and flowers, freehand machine embroidery, Natalie Randall Snail embroidery, multicoloured snail shell, African snail, freehand machine embroidery, Natalie Randall
Natalie Randall Natalie Randall Textile Artist
Textile Artist
Philippa Rice
Artist, Crafter
Abstract mosaic using glass and ceramic. Mosaic plant pots using recycled mid-century china. China and glass jewellery including pendants, earrings, rings, brooches and cufflinks.
Sophie Robins Sophie Robins Mosaics
Artist, Crafter, other
Corrina Rothwell
Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter
Richard Sampson
Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Sculptor
Bradford Hall, Hannah Sawtell trees are poems, Hannah Sawtell
Hannah Sawtell Hannah Sawtell illustration
Artist, Digital Media Artist, Mixed Media Artist
Free-machine embroidered & appliqued bee Free-machine embroidered and appliqued grey heron Free-machine embroidered & appliqued pheasant
Sarah Sewell Wildgoose Designs
Textile Artist
Laura's World of Arts 30cm x 45cm Acrylic on Canvas using Combined Acrylic Pouring Techniques Laura's World of Arts Handmade Felted Hats & Wearable Art  Laura's World of Arts Storm in Jupiter Large 76.2 x 50.8cm x 4cm Acrylic on Canvas
Laura Shaw Lauras World of Arts
Artist, Crafter, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Photographer, Textile Artist
carousel, horses,fairground,acrylic,painting,canvas,art,wall hanging,home decor,colourful,original artwork,Dave,SAW19,annettesheldonart Pip Carousel carousel, horses,fairground,acrylic,painting,canvas,art,wall hanging,home decor,colourful,original artwork,Brett,SAW19,annettesheldonart
Annette Sheldon
Painter, Print Maker
Wendy Soo-Mawston Cute Little Bags by Wendy
Helen Street Claremont Care Home Art Group
Helen Sturtivant
Mixed Media Artist
Zade bendy table lamp Plastic Bottle Daffodils Upcycled Can Picture - Rainbow
Sarah Turner Sarah Turner - Eco Art & Design
Artist, Crafter, Mixed Media Artist
A pencil drawing with some burgundy watercolour on the hair of a "Steampunk" woman in a leather jacket holding a futuristic raygun A close up pencil drawing of a mother and her two teenage sons dressed as pirates; they're happy A pencil drawing of an old peruvian man in front of a pile of watercoloured cocoa beans he looks cheerful and is wearing a teeshirt
Judith Walker
Artist, Ceramist, Painter, Print Maker
a peaky blinder inspired type of person metal, donnington ticket, found materials, upcycled walker, found materials, upcycled
Jackie Ward TreeHuggery
Mixed Media Artist
Andy Welch A Room Full of Butterflies
Grass Seedheads - Sarah Woolf Photography and Art Grass Seedheads Print - Sarah Woolf Photography and Art Meadow - Sarah Woolf Photography and Art
Sarah Woolf Sarah Woolf Photography and Art
Artist, Photographer
Zoe Zegzula Zoe Zegzula Creative Textile Art
Textile Artist