SAW 2016 Applications

Sherwood Art Week 2016 is beginning!
How will you take part?

1: Register (if necessary) as a member of the website then
2: Complete this year's application form.

(First, read the terms and conditions. Then register/login and complete the Application form
(available until MONDAY 7th March 2016). Read more about the Art Week)

How to register with the website

Already a registered member?
Then just Log In us usual.
Check your user details and photographs, updating where necessary. Do this BEFORE trying to complete the application form.
Forgotten your username or password? Click Here.

If you are not already a registered user,

Then Register Here
You should set publish my membership to Yes
otherwise the website will not display your photos and art-form.
(Your personal details - address, Tel and emails are never shown on the website except to administrators.
look at the members page to see what is published)

Your application will be queued for approval.
When approved you will get an email to activate your user name.
Check your user details and upload some photographs of your work.
Do this BEFORE completing the application form.

How to apply to take part in the 2015 Art Week.

First of all, read the Terms and conditions.
This will tell you what is possible and what is required for each part of Sherwood Art Week.

Then go on to complete the Application form to complete for all areas.
Please complete every field accurately.

You can go back to the form later.

Need any help?

Email with a question or go to the Contacts page to email a sub-group lead directly.