Remarkable Recycling Gala


Sunday 22nd June 2014, 11am-4pm
 at Sherwood Community Centre.
New to Sherwood Art Week this year is 'The Remarkable Recycling Gala' - A showcase of art to highlight waste!

 Download the programme for the Remarkable Recycling Gala here.


  • Betty Ching: Handmade jewellery and craft material packs
  • Crafty Glass: Natural bath salts packaged in hand painted reclaimed jars. Revitalising and relaxing hand soaking experience with salts
  • Elefair Giftware: Products made from colourful recycled paper and recycled noodle packets
  • Esther Gaskill: Recycled glass beads from old jewellery and buttons to make new necklaces & bracelets.
  • Nottingham Craftspeople: Jewellery from recycled components, watch parts, fabric items, bags and mosaic pots
  • Playworks: The amazing scrapstore, recycling trade waste as art materials.
  • Sarah Turner Eco Art - Flowers and decoration and lamps
  • Saved by Love: Turning the ordinary into the beautiful extraordinary. Upcycled furniture.
  • Smouldering Wicks: Natural Waxes derived from sustainable and renewable crops and Eco Ethos Tealight Lanterns.
  • Teppuanna: Wooden and resin jewellery from saw dust and fabric waste. As well as decorative resin and recycled materials home accessories
  • The Forgotten Library: Upcycled vintage books & paper ephemera


  • Recycled music making led by Joyce Killowe & Tracey Lloyd
  • Suffolk puff and strawberry using rag led by Betty Ching
  • Print making from pizza trays led by Lindsay Houlden-Stopps
  • Recycled denim & cord creations led by Honey Bee
  • Fabric flowers led by Lisa Critchley Over 8s. 2pm - 4pm
  • Join in creating a piece of Recycled Art led by Shamila Chady
  • Gum Boot Workshop led by Jill Gregory. Bring your own wellies 3pm
  • Foraging led by Becky Beinart. 11.30am and 1.30pm
    • Becky will be displaying her rocket stove made from recycled materials.
  • Live art led by Maxrock
  • Tour of Woodthorpe house with its many reuses led by Jill Gregory 12pm and 1.30pm


Recycled Artwork displays by Tish Dannatt, Honey Bee & Daisy Rose Designs


  • Sherwood Writers Group
  • Gateway to Nature
  • Music from Solomon Pip
  • Recycled Instruments & gum boot jamming 3.30pm

Food & drink available. Join us for a family-friendly day out!


username Name & Artform: sort by Last name
Crafty Glass
Vesse Ashley Crafty Glass
Crafter, Mixed Media Artist
shamila chady Shamila Chady
Artist, Painter, Photographer
colourful and uplifting cards recycled and unique bracelets surreal urban views
Marie-Helene Drouin
Artist, Crafter, Photographer
Lindsay Houlden-Stopps British Association of Art Therapists - Region 9
Artist, Crafter, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Photographer, other
Resin Wood Rings Resin accessories collection// wood; recycle waste Resin encaputrelate wood work waste
Terri NG Teppuanna Ng
Artist, Crafter, Mixed Media Artist, Photographer
Katrina Potter
Smouldering Wicks
Handmade Multi Wick Natural Wax Container Candle Handmade Natural Wax Candles Handmade Natural Wax Melt Scented Bouquets
G Underwood Smouldering Wicks
The Forgotten L...
Jane Eyre book lender humour greetings card. Glass pendant on liberty print cord - rose book ornament design. Harry Potter Book Clock.
Charlotte White The Forgotten Library